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Real Soccer Haxball League - Historical Website

Rules of Real Soccer Haxball League
  1. Opening
    • Website rshl.eu, Forum, ShoutBox and Teamspeak, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Fanpage are an inherent part of the Real Soccer League,
    • Using above units of the Real Soccer Haxball League it equals that an user accepted principles covered by this regulation,
    • Rights to the name "Real Soccer Haxball League", as well as the address of the website is reserved by the Administration. Using the name by third party is permitted only by the consent of the Administration,
    • The ignorance of regulation doesn't release from the responsibility resulting from breaking it,
    • Administration has a right to change the regulation,
    • Users are being informed about implemented changes in the suitable topic on the forum,
    • Changes i regulations are coming into force together with their publication on the forum.

  2. General Rules
    • It is prohibited to publish:
      • Contents about colouring extremely patriotic and extolling totalitarian ideological systems,
      • Contents about the racist colouring,
      • Contents about the sexist colouring,
      • Contents propagating the violence and/or the law-breaking,
      • Vulgar contents, both in the form open as well as excessively in the form "hidden" i.e. dotted, stars, etc.,
      • Contents whose purpose is to ridicule or offend other users,
      • Contents which break the copyright of the third party(copying articles from other bulletins - plagiarism),
      • Advertisements of other pages about the similar subject matter,
      • Advertisements of programs and ways which allow on "cheats",
      • The widely comprehended spam and junk posts,
    • The login name and the shown Name of the user cannot contain contents in any way breaking provisions of regulations,
    • For breaking principles taken hold with regulation users have a criminal record according to the system of penalties separate for every part of RSHL,
    • All users are treated equally, without the division on account of held positions,
    • All cases which are not included in regulation, but forbidden on the legal validity of Acts being applicable in Poland are also forbidden on the forum,
    • Having many accounts by one user (multiaccounts) is forbidden. In case of using of many users the same IP address one should report to the Administration this fact.
    • Accounts of users are being removed automatically by the six-month nonactivity, there is no possibility of voluntary removing the account, unless in extraordinary situations.

  3. Service Real Soccer Haxball League
    • The service of Real Soccer Haxball League comprises: Organisers, Moderators, Graphic Designers, Streamers, Referees and Hosts.
    • Administration:
      • Providing the continuity action of the web page and minimalising its failure frequency, it's the task of Administration,
      • Organisers have full moderator rights
      • Organisers are indicated with a right rank on the forum,
      • Tasks of individual organisers and composition of the service of the league are given in the bookmark "Ekipa",,
      • Organisers are performing both the post of organisers of league gameses and administrators of the website.
    • Organisers - Moderators:
      • It's their task to keep order on the area covered by their actions.
      • Moderators are indicated with an appropriate colour and a rank,
      • Towards persons breaking a regulation, the Moderator has the right to use the number of embraced tools accessible to him with system of penalties.
    • It is prohibited to remove both modifying warnings without consultation and blockades put by the other member of the service,
    • It is prohibited to public questioning actions and decisions of organisers apart from the relevant section on the forum (disciplinary committee - forum) and of questioning mentioned above in the way contrary to the netiquette,
    • A RSHL service investigates complaints made by users.

  4. Forum
    • The user has the right to form new threads, after prior becoming acquainted with principles of creating new threads on the forum,
    • The user has a duty to make sure that he puts a thread in the proper section, incorrectly put threads can be moved or removed,
    • Before creating the thread it is compulsory to make sure if a similiar one doesn't exist.
    • While writing the thread a user ought to obey principles of writing the post placed in the secton or in the thread creator,
    • The thread must be written according to grammatical principles,
    • While using the content which was written by somebody else, in order to avoid the plagiarism we ask to give the author (if he is from the forum, be of link + of author, if contents were copied from outside sources),
    • It is forbidden to repeat establishing the same thread in one or many sections,
    • Threads can be refreshed only by using a special plugin("podbij wątek" next to the thread's name). Refreshing a thread by writting unnecessary posts like "refresh" will be punished.
    • Exaggerated amount of place/created posts/threads on the forum within of 24 hours can be treated as the spam and may become a reason to punish the user.

  5. ShoutBox
    • ShoutBox is available for users to the fast transport and cultural conversations,
    • Moderators keep order on the ShoutBox,
    • It is forbidden to:
      • Put texts breaking aspects hold in the chapter "Broad Principles",
      • Apply the exaggerated quantity of the formatted text,
      • Exaggerate repeating the same text (flood).

  6. TeamSpeak Channel
    • Channels are available for users on the TS server, in order to facilitate the communication between users,
    • At the general channel the "Lobby" refers to written hereby principles of regulation.Forum moderators keep order at this channel,
    • Private club channels and special channels are supervised by Channel of Admins of the channel. They can throw away users chosen by them from their channels according to own principles,
    • Channel admins of the team are people appointed by the captain of the team.

  7. YouTube, Twitch, Facebook
    • Appointed poeple keep order on RSHL's youtube, twitch and facebook.
    • A content put on above platforms can be removed if it breaks decisions hold with this regulation,
    • For users repeatedly breaking regulation on above platforms there is a possibility of removing rights to use there platforms.

  8. System of Penalties
    • Forum:
      • upomnienie słowne, bez dodawania punktów ostrzeżeń,
      • przyznanie punktów ostrzeżeń, zgodnie z Systemem Ostrzeżeń,
      • czasowa blokada wejścia na forum (ban czasowy),
      • trwała blokada wejścia na forum (ban permanentny).
    • ShoutBox:
      • verbal reprimand,
      • temporary blockade of the access to shoutbox,
      • a permanent blockade of the access to shoutbox lasted.
    • TeamSpeak:
      • verbal reprimand,
      • kick from channel,
      • kick from the server,
      • blockade to IP address on the server.
    • YouTube, Twitch, Facebook:
      • verbal reprimand,
      • temporary blockade of the user,
      • long-lasting blockade of the user.

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